About Lucinda Black Bear

Lucinda Black Bear’s first album “capo my heart and other bear songs” is a burst of sonic longing, a soulful fusion of cellos, feedback, loops, pianos, drums, and oddly tuned acoustic/electric guitars. Songs like “Capo My Heart” and “Fought the Bear” with their plaintive, understated Elliott Smith-meets Radiohead-meets-Chet Baker ruminations have attracted music lovers the world over, inspiring mad love from NPR, Prefixmag, and Paste. Recently featured on A&E’s “The Beast,” 2010 is gearing up to be LBB’s biggest yet with Album #2 coming soon.

Lucinda Black Bear is led by Christian Gibbs, with Mike Cohen on bass, Kristin Mueller on drums and Chad Hammer on cello. On many occasions, you will find LBB augmented by Gillian Rivers on violin, who has been responsible for string arrangements for bands such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT. Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, Lucinda Black Bear has many moods, but you can always count on true craftsmanship in songs and performance.

The band was conceived when Gibbs decided he needed new blood and new instrumentation on his piano-guitar based, loop laden songs. He sought out a downtown supergroup of talented musicians from whom he had heard great things about. With Mike, Kristin and Chad, indie-rock met roots, and Lucinda Black Bear was born.

Watch for the new Lucinda Black Bear album in 2010, with more tour dates to come.